About solar power

The sun is the biggest energy source in our solar system. Yet it’s only until recently that we got most of our electricity from burning things we dug up from the ground.

Why is coal, oil and gas so popular

 Burning things is a cheap way to generate electricity, but there’s a hidden cost that we all pay. The pollutants emitted by burning coal, oil and gas are harmful for our planet, but also our health. That’s a cost we all pay for, not through our electricity bill, but through our Medicare levy, higher taxes and more.

But that’s not the only reason. Another big reason is that we’re on our way to run out of cheap things to burn. That doesn’t mean there’s no oil, gas or coal available anymore, it’s just getting increasingly difficult and costly to get to. Both from a financial perspective – the price of oil has more than doubled in the last 20 years – but also an emotional one.

Did you know there’s a lot of oil underneath the Great Barrier Reef for example? Could you imagine an oil rig there? If we continue to burn oil at the rate we are now, it might some day soon become a reality. Seismic surveys have already been done.

Instead of sitting idly by while that future unfolds, people, countries and companies around the world are taking action and changing the way they generate and use electricity.

Sustainable energy methods are already winning

As fossil fuel sources get more and more difficult to get to, prices will only increase.

With sustainable energy sources like wind, water and solar it’s the other way around. It started out difficult, but after decades of research and development we’re now getting the hang of it. So much so that at the end of 2017 it became cheaper in a lot of locations to get energy from the wind than it was to get from burning fossil fuels. Solar power is already cheaper than burning coal.

And development is far from done. Efficiency records for sustainable energy are broken every day.

The advantages of solar power over wind and water

Installations that efficiently capture the energy of the wind and water are big and way too expensive for the average consumer to buy and install. As ar result they’re almost always placed far away from where the energy is required, which is your home.

Solar panels on the other hand are small, quiet and relatively cheap. Which allows for solar power systems to be installed where the electricity is required instead of relying on, and paying for expensive electrical infrastructure.

Australia is catching on

We’re called the lucky country. In part thanks to our vast amount of natural resources, but while we were busy looking down at the ground, we forgot to look up to the sky for a long time, because we’re lucky there too.

Australia gets more sun than almost any other country in the world, but compared to other countries we’ve been slow in our uptake of solar power with only 4% of our total electricity production coming from the sun.

Thanks to government incentives and a broader awareness of the advantages of solar power, that’s changing rapidly however. Over 2 million homes already have solar power installed, that’s 20.3% of all homes in Australia and that number is only going up as an average of 6 panels per minute are installed on homes all over Australia.

Why you should choose MySolarDirect

For most homes, solar power is a no-brainer. Millions of Australians are already saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on their electricity bill every year.

But while the decision to get solar is a simple one, getting it right is not as easy. Thanks to loose regulation of the solar power market, there’s hundreds of companies eager to take your money, often lacking the knowledge required to get customers an optimal system or leaving customers without warranties when they declare bankruptcy.

MySolarDirect aims to empower customers by providing them with the information they need to make a decision and have an informed conversation with a solar power company of their choosing.

Or simply request quotes from MySolarDirect directly. All the companies we work with have been vetted. Giving you the peace of mind that the company you’re talking to will give you the right solar power system for the right price.


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