About MySolarDirect

Founded in 2018, MySolarDirect grew out of a need to make the solar power industry more transparent and honest.

MySolarDirect was started because we saw good people, wanting to do the right thing by investing in solar power, being taken advantage of by companies wanting to make a quick buck.

From predatory sales behaviour to outright poorly installed solar power systems, we’ve seen it all. Over half a million Australian homes have already fallen victim to dodgy retailers and installers since 2011, but that stops with us.

By providing in-depth information, performing solar retailer and installer quality checks, and supporting education programs like Kids Teaching Kids, we empower Australian families, businesses & communities to choose a sustainable future with confidence

How do we do this?

Objective information
Through our articles we provide information on a wide range of solar power topics, aimed to empower you with the information you need to make sure you get the right deal when purchasing solar power.

Access to handy tools
Tools like calculators, which will help you determine things like return-on-investment, how many solar panels you need and more.

A single point of contact
We don’t sell your details and we don’t allow our retailers to call you directly unless specifically requested by you. That means no calls from unknown numbers and only one property inspection (if one is required), saving you time, money and frustration.

Offers only from vetted retailers
From CEC accreditation to using safe and approved products, all the retailers allowed to quote through MySolarDirect have gone through a rigorous vetting process to make sure you get exactly what you were expecting to get.

Answers to all your questions
MySolarDirect employs a team of solar power specialists that are here to answer any and all questions you have about solar power or quotes you received. You can reach them by phone, email and live chat.

Our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed

  • In Victoria alone over 200 households combined save more than $180,000 per year in energy costs thanks to MySolarDirect
  • We’re the proud sponsors of Kids Teaching Kids, a program aimed to inspire future environmental leaders. Other program sponsors are Qantas and the Victoria State Government.
  • We’ve been shortlisted for the Telstra Small Business Awards 2019

And more!